Tatiana Botton is a mysterious photographer who became rich too quickly
Is Tatiana Botton Involved in Legal Businesses

Is Tatiana Botton Involved in Legal Businesses

Tatiana Botton is a famous photographer. But is this enough to make her rich too quickly? The truth is that there’re gossips and rumours around her. This means that there are several things that she is not doing right. She travels to various places including New Zealand, Japan, and Fiji and snaps pictures in Africa’s Namib as well as Antarctica.

Additionally, Tatiana Botton uses a private jet, and she has reserved tickets for space tourist. When you put together all these things, you will see how she lives an extraordinary and eventful life. These things are only for wealthy individuals or those from rich families.

How it Started

Is Tatiana Botton Engaged in Legal Business?

Her full name is Tatiana Sylvana Dora Botton. She was born in 1972 in New York before moving to Barcelona in Spain. Before venturing into photography, she studied filmmaking and American literature in Spain and philosophy in Montpellier, France.

Later on she went to Los Angeles in the USA where she studied Journalism at California University. Currently, she is engaged in property renting and design.

Are Tatiana Botton’s Businesses Against the Law?

Since art has no price, many individuals are questioning her source of wealth. To start with, she registered two companies in Luxembourg, and everybody knows that it’s offshore in Europe. This shows the possibilities of legalizing income without paying taxes.

Before that, she was also involved in other scandals, including the Santa Monica Municipal Airport. Due to lots of big scandals, people believe that most of Tatiana Botton’s businesses are against the law.

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